Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you promote the planting of trees?

Trees are being cut down at the rate of fifty square miles per day, worldwide. Countless trees (perhaps a million each day) are lost forever.

Why are trees important?

Trees are natural defense against the pollutants that will destroy life if left unchecked. Trees replenish oxygen to the atmosphere, clean ground water, offer shade from the sun and provide habitat for wildlife.

Who plants the trees? is working with environmental restoration groups, municipalities, state forestry departments, civic clubs and expert private contractors to facilitate the planting of the young trees.

Where are the trees planted? Can I visit it?

The trees are planted on public lands, national and state reforestation projects and environmental restoration projects in your state or province, or any state/province that you choose. A specific tree is impossible to track, however you can look with pride on any restoration project in your area, knowing that your tree is contributing to the beautiful surroundings.

Can I order a specific type of tree?

Only indigenous trees, which will thrive in the state/province for which they are ordered, will be planted. Species choices are discouraged. We let the experts decide the proper species application for each project.

When will my tree be planted?

The appropriate planting period will be determined by several factors, however most new plantings are performed twice a year - spring and fall.

How old is the tree that I am giving?

Most trees are established saplings, which generally indicates one to two years of age. However, some species may be planted as seedlings grown specifically for reforestation. Civic reforestation and restoration groups work with established tree nurseries. The forester on the project will insure the proper choice.

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