What our customers say about us...

"PERFECT!!! I love it, every word is beautiful and very appropriate. Thanks so very much!"

"I think the business you are in is beautiful. Thanks again for everything!"

Katie S.

"What caught my eye most once I entered your site was the beauty of the certificates and notes. I also liked the fact that you can put a personal message to the recipient."

Rhonda W.

"I think you have a wonderful thing going... Thank you for your forward thinking. It really helps to make times like this easier for all and the memory to last forever."

Susan O.

"I finally got to see the cards and certificates you sent. You do a beautiful job! Thank you again... What better way to celebrate Mother's Day than by honoring her with a tree planting. I know she would like that as she always loved nature. Thanks again for your wonderful service."

"Thank you again for all your labors of love in putting together these certificates and planting trees on our Mother Earth... whenever I am looking at a tree it has even more special significance."

Chrissie F.

"Today I received 2 phone calls thanking me for the thoughtful memorial tree gift. I appreciate your prompt delivery of notification and will use your services in the future."

Nina S.

"...A lot of people at the animal shelter want to use your service for the future. When I recommended this over a memorial service they loved it."

Gregory R.

"I am at a loss for words and can never really express how much your dedication of a living tree in my dad's memory means to my mom and myself. This gesture, above everything... the cards, flowers, etc., has so moved my mom. This tree is something that will live on and on and it makes the whole family very happy."

Mary A.

"...I could not think of a more fitting tribute than a tree planted in his memory. The certificate was mailed to my dad and his wife. They both were overwhelmed.

I have told several of my friends about your website. Maybe they will use it for happy occasions, but if they need to honor the life of someone dear to them, this is the most meaningful tribute they can give."

Theresa B.

"You are great, Diane. Thank you for making this so easy, and I can't think of a better way to honor someone - by planting a living tree in their memory."


"Thank you for responding so quickly to my email. We really appreciate the service you provide, and the creative and touching wording you used in your letter to the birthmother of our adopted baby girl."

Susan D.

"Thank you, again, for your assistance. May I say that your service is a refreshing and meaningful option that speaks more about the cycle of life than any cut flower arrangement ever could."

Judi Y.

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